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Wednesday, October 05, Audun stopped by today to sample an espresso blend we’ve both gotten from Skien kaffebrenneri to sample for free thanks! It is very nice, balanced, citrusy – a blend that I would gladly drink as my everyday espresso. Roasted just into second crack. Some oil showing, but not much. We also sampled some Kilimanjaro espresso that Audun brought. It was roasted during the NBC during the educational track? We made a couple of nice cappas with that one. It was really nice seeing Audun again and be able to talk way too much about coffee without the other party getting dizzy, hehe.

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Twitter The inclination to gather wonderful things dives deep into history. Historical centers like museums, show as well as shield these workmanship objects for future eras. This rundown presents some of the best and the most visited museums on the planet. They hold a portion of the biggest and most imperative workmanship and relics accumulations on the planet.

Theese museums on the planet are also noted vacation spots, and acts as an exhibition hall of normal history, craftsmanship, science, or be devoted to any number of different themes. Today, galleries are organizations devoted to the study and show of craftsmanship, relics, and different objects of significance.

This dating fits Philolaus exactly. Aristotle discusses the Pythagoreans in many places and he is clearly not always referring to Philolaus. which is evidently supposed to move at the same speed as the earth. An objection to the moving earth was raised on the grounds that the parallax produced by its movement from one side to the other of.

Reviews A place that concentrates in itself talented young people. We are located in the city of Klaipeda, in its very center. Qtime CoWorking is a space in which anyone can create a mini-office. Also in this space, people get acquainted, discuss their projects and create something new together. QTime provides not only a place, but also gives the opportunity to use powerful computers, software that they need to work.

QTime employees train and prompt, when necessary. CoWorking can work as freelancers, as well as individual employees from large companies. Qtime FabLab is a workshop where you can come and use tools to implement your project or idea, anyone can use FabLab 3D printers that QTime employees collect and teach others how to do it, soldering stations, milling machine, laser cutting, tools, radio parts for assembling prototypes.

On the basis of FabLab, you can conduct master classes and workshops, lectures for young robots.

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Leonardo da Vinci statue outside the Uffizi Gallery Of a population estimated at 94, before the Black Death of , [18] about 25, are said to have been supported by the city’s wool industry: After their suppression, Florence came under the sway — of the Albizzi family, who became bitter rivals of the Medici.

In the 15th century, Florence was among the largest cities in Europe, considered rich and economically successful. Life was not idyllic for all residents though, among whom there were great disparities in wealth.

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Fragment 7 is the beginning of Philolaus’ account of the coming to be of the cosmos: The first thing fitted together, the one in the center of the sphere, is called the hearth. As we would expect from Fragment 1, the world begins with a fitting together. Fragment 1 also indicates that the fitting together should involve a limiter and an unlimited. What are the limiter and the unlimited from which the central fire is put together?

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The later tradition almost universally identifies him as a Pythagorean e. Aristotle and his pupil Eudemus do not explicitly call Archytas a Pythagorean and appear to treat him as an important independent thinker. Plato never refers to Archytas by name except in the Seventh Letter, if that is by Plato, and he is not called a Pythagorean there.

In the Republic, however, when Plato quotes a sentence which appears in Fr. Philolaus was the most prominent Pythagorean of the preceding generation ca. The only pupil of Archytas who is more than a name, is Eudoxus ca. Archytas was, roughly speaking, a contemporary of Plato, but it is difficult to be more precise about his dates. Since it would be difficult to call him the contemporary of Theaetetus, if he were born much earlier than , this is the earliest he was likely to have been born.

On the other hand, he could have been born as late as and still be considered a contemporary of Plato. Strabo associates Archytas with the flourishing of Tarentum, before a period of decline, in which Tarentum hired mercenary generals A4.

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Photo via artmagazin I did not want to write this post. A great discovery has been announced a few years ago frescoes painted by Botticelli have been identified in Esztergom! Also, as I have been unable to study these frescoes personally during the last few years, and having never worked on Botticelli, I don’t really have a very strong art historical argument to put forward here or in a more scholarly publication.

In the end I decided to simply list a few facts here. The medieval royal – later archiepiscopal – palace of Esztergom has been ruined and buried during the Turkish wars of the 16th th centuries see this earlier post. The remains of the palace have been uncovered between in a large-scale archaeological campaign. Two large sets of frescoes were found on the walls of the building: The room has been identified as the Studiolo of the archbishops of Esztergom, and the four surviving figures of the Renaissance fresco cycle as allegories of four virtues.

Starting in , a new restoration campaign, led by Zsuzsanna Wierdl was started on the frescoes of Esztergom. Many later retouches, discolored repairs have to be removed, while structural problems of the entire building although had to be solved. This work is still not finished, in fact it largely stopped about two years ago, due to lack of funding. It is to be hoped that it will be continued this year, as the frescoes remain largely inaccessible link to Hungarian article about funding.

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E queste voci le ho raccolte proprio a Brembate Sopra, il paese di Yara Gambirasio. E i preconcetti vanno dimostrati. E la concretezza si trova alla presenza della difesa. Il fatto che il processo non abbia messo sullo stesso piano accusa e difesa sinceramente mi spaventa. Gli errori possono essere fatti anche in buona fede, persino da scienziati e tecnici illuminati che lavorano con le provette. La lettera di Massimo Bossetti a Enrico Fedocci La difesa di Bossetti voleva verificare che questi errori non fossero stati commessi.

Ritengo, pertanto, che Bossetti sia stato condannato senza prove. Posso andare in galera io che scrivo questo pezzo.

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